Vapour Mop X700 Review

The Vapour Mop X700 is a revolutionary new way to keep your home sparkling clean. It cleanses, sanitises and deodorises all your surfaces using only the power of steam.  Just add water for a powerful, portable and convenient 7 in 1 eco friendly steam cleaner.

Powerful Cleaning

The powerful, super heated steam penetrates deep into grubby grouting, giving it a new lease of life, as well as revitalising carpets, and hygienically cleaning surfaces quickly and efficiently. It’s easy to use, and with an ergonomic design that’s fully adjustable you’ll be able to use it both for floors and counter tops. The triangular head is specially designed to clean right into the corners, helping you clean even those hard to reach areas.

Environmentally Friendly

Simply fill the Vapour Mop with water and you’ll be cleaning surfaces in a matter of seconds; the steam not only removes dirt and grime but kills bacteria and gets rid of unwanted odours as well. There are no harsh chemicals, making the Vapour Mop entirely environmentally friendly.


The Vapour Mop will effortlessly clean any number of surfaces, from tiles and carpets to worktops, toilets and bathrooms. This is a fully adjustable mop and can be used in both upright and handheld modes, giving you ultimate flexibility. No matter what type of surface needs to be cleaned, Vapour Mop will be able to help.

Handy accessories for the Vapour Mop X700 include washable and reusable microfiber pads, as well as the carpet glider for injecting a bit of vitality back into your carpets and rugs.

If you’re looking for a versatile and powerful cleaner, then look no further. The Vapour Mop X700 will keep almost every room of your home looking spick and span.

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